5 Great Shows to Watch on Disney+ Before the Year Ends

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It’s time for another list of 5 great shows to watch! This holiday season, we’re looking at Disney+ to see what it has to offer. Let us know if you’ve seen and loved any of these shows and movies!

 Image of Andor, Star Wars show featuring Diego Luna


A grittier take on Star Wars than you’ve seen recently, Andor is written well. As far as story, it’s a prequel to Rogue One, which was a prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. Andor tells the backstory/origin story of Cassian Andor, a noble pilot who helped secure the plans to the Death Star and get them to Princess Leia. Andor is described as a spy thriller. Be aware that the fighting and violence is tougher and grittier than you might be used to in Star Wars. But the writing is tight and well reviewed. Fans of Star Wars should love this show. Casual fans of the series who are happy to look at cool Star Wars sets and creatures and see some flying around in star ships and blaster gunfights will also be entertained.



Hocus Pocus 2 banner image tv show streaming on Disney+


A sequel that’s one year short of 30 years older than its predecessor (wow!), Hocus Pocus 2 is a nostalgia-filled modern take on the beloved, campy Disney original. While it doesn’t float as much nostalgia magic as the first did (though hard it tries) it’s still an enjoyable watch if you’re a fan of the first. Just be prepared for at least one critical character from the first movie to be glaringly absent from this one. And expect 2022-flavored YA drama with 2022-flavored cringe. Overall, it’s a pleasant watch. Bette Midler as the lead Sanderson Sister can still carry a scene effortlessly and if you loved in her the first, you’ll like her just fine in this sequel.



She-Hulk: Attorney At Law tv show streaming on Disney+


A show about a female hulk who’s also a practicing attorney, this is an interesting one. On one hand, it’s been controversial: She-Hulk has been review bombed by lovers and haters both. On Rotten Tomatoes, it’s not particularly well reviewed by audiences (35%) but critics have been good to it (77%). This usually means that a show is progressive and forward-thinking but fails to entertain the mass audiences with enough of what they like (spectacle, explosions, jokes, chase scenes, etc.) Besides this, the show offers a look at Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, a fan-favorite character we haven’t seen much of. So, while the scores are perplexing and it’s hard to know how good this show really is, it’s one to keep an eye on. Whether you like it or not, it’s having a cultural moment right now, at least momentarily.



Secrets of the Whales National Geographic documentary series streaming on Disney+


Our nature doc pick, Secrets of the Whales is a beautiful and often moving piece about the planet’s most majestic swimmers: whales. By James Cameron, the ocean-loving blockbuster juggernaut behind Titanic, Avatar (and an ocean explorer in his own right), this show offers glimpses of whale life we’ve never seen before. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver, it’s an inspiring watch for anyone who loves nature, animals, and the beauty of our planet. This is kid-friendly and family friendly.



Light And Magic documentary series streaming on Disney+ about the VFX company Industrial Light & Magic


A documentary show for cinefiles and artists of all kinds, Light and Magic is a nostalgia-packed love letter to the growth and history of special effects in the film industry. From its origins as the company George Lucas created in order to make his Star Wars films easier to make, to the ever-changing company that helped birth monumental artistic tools like Photoshop and even the Pixar company, you’ll be shocked to see the influence Industrial Light and Magic had on so many fields of art. The show is packed with interesting anecdotes and interviews, and tons of behind the scenes footage and exciting concept art from iconic franchises like Star Wars and its many sequels, Indiana Jones, Ghost Busters, Star Trek and so many more.


Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite show! There are dozens of great films and shows to watch on Disney+. These are just a few of our recent favorites.