Top 5 Shows To Watch on HBO Max Before 2022 Year Ends

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We’re back again! Here are a few great shows to watch on HBO Max. Known for mature, adult-oriented shows, HBO Max has given us some of the most successful and iconic TV shows of all time.


House of the Dragon, a fantasy show streaming on HBO Max


One of the biggest fantasy stories to every grace the screen OR the written page, the iconic Game of Thrones world is revisited in this new prequel series. Return to Westeros and George R. R. Martin’s iconic fantasy world full of conniving, thieving, murdering, lusting, politicking, warring, and dragon-loving people. The plot focuses on House Targaryen and their dragons and moves along at a much faster speed than some of the early seasons of the original show. Get in on the magic while it’s still new.


Euphoria, a teen drama tv show streaming on HBO Max


With the ever adaptable and infinitely likeable Zendaya in the leading lady role, this teen drama is written well and fears no tough subject. Don’t expect to see episodes wrapped up like an after-school special from your youth. The show runs on Sundays and dominates because it’s full of intense drama and committed, expert acting from the young cast. For fans of teen dramas, this show will surprise and amaze.


Barry, a show streaming on HBO Max


If you thought Bill Hader (SNL, Superbad, Hot Rod) could only do funny, you thought wrong. Barry is a showcase for his impressive range as an actor. With a premise that’s comedic but dark, Hader has a chance to shine in a show with clever, purposeful writing and large tonal range. The plot deals with a struggling hitman who finds himself blooming in an acting class, and the dark and hilarious trouble that ensues when these two lives collide.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a classic show streaming on HBO Max


You can see and hear the theme song in your head right now. The Prince is here on HBO to enjoy and the young Will Smith never disappoints. The show is a young 32 years old (yes, 32!) but still manages to put you in a better mood, each time you return to Bel-Air and spend a day enjoying Will’s hijinx. Remember your roots and the importance of a family that cares for and protects one another in a heartwarming way. Rewatching the series is always fun, thanks to an impressive array of guest stars.


Avenue 5, a comedy show streaming on HBO Max


Our Sci-Fi pick, Avenue 5 is a unique comedy featuring an ensemble cast playing out chaotic situations on a luxury spaceship. From satirical filmmaker Armando Iannucci, the show’s every episode is packed with so many quick jokes you’ll miss many of them and want to come back and watch again. Hugh Laurie (of House fame) plays a subversive Captain Ryan Clark, and the jokes spread across a wide spectrum of humor. There’s a lot to like about this one.


Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite HBO Max show! There are so many more to enjoy on the service. What should we do next?