Top 5 HULU Shows to Watch This September 2022

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Last time we covered what to watch on Netflix. But a lot of people forget about all the good entertainment on Hulu. This week we’ll take a look at a few hot shows on Hulu. From a true crime 

screenshot from HULU show Only Murders In The Building


Steve Martin and longtime best friend/collaborator Martin Short team up with Selena Gomez in this dramatic and often funny true crime show made for true crime lovers. Fans of the now old (but not slowing) comedy duo will love their trademark banter and Selena Gomez provides a great contrasting element in the group. The story follows three true crime fans and random tenants of the same massive New York apartment building as they team up to try to solve a murder in their building and produce their podcast at the same time. Written well, with plenty of twists and turns and lots of funny cameos, the show delivers on all fronts. This one isn’t for kids, however.


screenshot from The Patient starring Steve Carell on HULU


A slow watch, the patient is for fans of drama. Steve Carell gives an impressive performance worthy of a lot of praise. Critics have said that while the 10-episode moves slowly, it’s worth the wait. The tension is outstanding and besides Carell, Domhnall Gleeson also gives an incredible performance. Be prepared to be patient, as the energy takes a while to get going. But episodes are short, so it’s easy to consume at your pace over a weekend or over many weekends. With an excellent 86% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, this one’s for movie lovers who don’t need explosions and goofy humor to keep them entertained.


Alone on Hulu, a reality show about wilderness survival


An instant classic reality series that seems to have a lot of longevity, Alone is a breath of fresh mountain air compared to the majority of messy drama that hits your screen any given night of the week. The survival series has been a major hit. The show sees contestants with survival skills sent out into remote forest wilderness and forced to survive off the land for as many weeks as they can. Contestants record everything on GoPro cameras and narrate their feelings and fears throughout. Bears, cougars, and other predators make appearances and viewers can learn a lot about constructing a shelter, fishing, sourcing fresh water, and a myriad of other wilderness survival skills. Watch for a nice break from the tire of dramatic Hollywood-y productions.


Screenshot from new show Utopia Falls on HULU


Our family-friendly pick, Canadian-made Utopia Falls delivers a truly unique twist on the common young adult trope of hyper-rigid societies organizing coming-of-age contests for their teenagers: this time, it’s a performing arts contest. For fans of YA sci fi, the show will deliver, at least, a fresh breath on the typical YA dystopian fares that have been popular for the last decade. Give it a shot if you like high concept sci fi societies with plenty of teen drama.


Screenshot from Dreamworks Animation's The Croods: A New Age


A successful sequel to The Croods, what was already a sleeper hit, this animated film will have you marveling at beautiful animation and laughing at every quirky joke and wacky moment. The movie moves on from its predecessor by introducing a second family, one that is much more advanced and developed. And the hi-jinks and comedy produced from the interaction between these two families is played with artistic expertness and at times hilarious insaneness. The film has that “unhinged” feel to the bizarre comedy that gives adults a lot to laugh about while the simple message about families sticking together is digested by the younger audience. The Croods films are better than they deserve to be. Give them a try for a good laugh.


Let us know if we’ve missed your favorite show! There are dozens of great films and shows to watch on Hulu. These are just a few of our recent faves.