Corner Fireplace TV Stands

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Malibu 64 inch Corner TV Stand Electric Fireplace White Modern Top View

Malibu Fireplace Corner TV Stand

Smooth, sleek, and modern, combining uniquely designed slatted doors and metal feet.

Liberty 64 inch Corner TV Stand Electric Fireplace Denim/Whiskey Brown Rustic Modern Farmhouse Top View

Liberty Fireplace Corner TV Stand

Showcasing the popular rustic and modern farmhouse styling with barn door cross-panels.

Sonoma 64 inch Corner TV Stand Electric Fireplace Charcoal Black Transitional Top View

Sonoma Fireplace Corner TV Stand

Blending traditional and modern styling to create a warm feel that radiates throughout your home.


Corner Fireplace TV Stands

A corner TV stand can be an excellent addition to your home for various reasons. Here are a few key benefits of incorporating a corner TV stand into your living space.

One of the most common reasons for placing a TV stand in the corner is to save space. Whether you live in a studio apartment in a bustling city or simply have limited living room space, a corner TV stand is a smart solution to maximize your available square footage. By utilizing an underutilized corner, you can save valuable room and create more functional furniture arrangements.

Another compelling reason for corner TV placement is to optimize the viewing angle. Unlike a TV mounted against a wall that offers optimal viewing from a single direction, a TV stand in the corner increases the total area from which it can be viewed. In open-concept spaces, a TV mounted on a longer wall can present challenges for optimal viewing. Furthermore, a TV that can only be heard but not seen is simply adding unnecessary noise pollution to the room. By placing the TV at a 45-degree angle in the corner, the overall viewing experience is greatly improved, making it an attractive option for homeowners seeking to maximize both function and aesthetics.

Why Choose Realcozy?

Realcozy's Fireplace Corner TV Stands are expertly crafted using real wood solids, veneers, and engineered wood, making them a lifelong investment that is 100% made in the USA. Our advanced fireplace inserts feature LED lighting, which produces a realistic flame and provides supplementary heat for your space.

How Well Does A Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand Heat?

Realcozy's Electric Fireplace TV Stand inserts boast a fan-forced heater capable of warming spaces up to 500 sq ft with 5200 BTUs of supplemental heat. To make operation from the comfort of your couch more convenient, our electric fireplaces come with a thermostat and multi-functional remote. Multiple settings, such as flame brightness, colors, and on/off timers, allow you to create the perfect ambiance and transform your home into a warm and inviting space.