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Buying the Best Foundation for a Latex or Memory Foam Mattress

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So you've found the mattress of your dreams and if it's a memory foam or latex mattress, it's important you have the proper foundation. A proper foundation is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the mattress so that it will last for years to come. Also, a proper foundation allows you to fully benefit from the unique construction of each mattress. A mattress is only as good as its foundation.

We do not recommend using a box spring, new or old, for a latex or memory foam mattress. In most cases, using a box spring will void a manufactures warranty, be careful!

Below are guidelines we've come up with to ensure you have the best experience with your new latex or memory foam mattress.

4-Rule Check List

  1. A foundation is not needed but can be used if an increased mattress height is desired
  2. Slat foundations are great, just make sure slats are 3-5" apart ideally. If you're foundation are spread too far apart, take a trip to Home Depot/Lowes and add some more.
  3. Placing your mattress on a platform is acceptable. It provides a solid, supportive surface. That's the main goal.
  4. Foundation should not sag or be unsupported. If it does, fix or replace.

Types of Acceptable Foundations

Box Foundations

The new alternative to box spring are box foundations. They are made with solid wood, metal grids, or slatted with wood. They are perfect if you want to keep your existing bed frame and need to replace your box spring.

Wayfair Sleep Split Folding Metal Box

Wayfair Sleep Split Folding Box Foundation

Slatted Foundations

Slatted foundations are trendy and work great, as long as you meet the rules above and slats are supportive and 3-5" apart. These replace the need for box springs, but you can still add one for desired height.

REMEDY TUFTED BED by Legends Furntirue
Remedy Tufted Bed via Wayfair

Steel Grid Foundations

An economical way to support your mattress and add some extra storage space underneath your mattress. Last long and easy to assemble. You can find these all over Amazon. We've linked the product below:


Adjustable Foundations

We're all about wellness and an adjustable foundation takes comfort the next level. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust your frame to find the perfect comfort position for you. Adjustable beds can act as a stand alone foundation or placed in a bed frame like you would a box spring.

Adjustable Bed Frame Base

Realcozy Adjustable Bases

Platform Foundations

Modern and trendy, platforms look and work great for supporting memory foam and latex mattresses. If it's slatted, make sure they are 3-5" apart for solid support! 

Platform Foundation

Karr Platform Bed

Wrapping things up...

If you're confused or still need help selecting the correct foundation for your memory foam or latex mattress, get in touch with us -- we're happy to help!