The Best Netflix Shows To Watch in 2022

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With hundreds and hundreds of movies and films to watch on Netflix, it’s basically impossible to find something without recommendations. So, we’ve got some for you! Here are 8 of our favorite shows/movies on Netflix in 2022. From family friendly films to teen dramas to adult action movies, there’s a little bit of everything. 

 The Adam Project Netflix


A family film with heart and a few slick SciFi ideas. Ryan Reynolds pairs with up-and-coming child actor Walker Scobell in a heartwarming tale about fatherhood, time travel, and never giving up. This is a family flick that’s a great watch for your young teens. It’s got an uplifting message and is free of most adult content minus some language. SciFi fans should also enjoy this film, though the ideas are mass-market friendly (not very complicated or developed).


 The Tinder Swindler on Netflix


A true crime smash hit, The Tinder Swindler will blow your mind and leave you questioning the intentions of every man who’s ever asked you out. This true story is full of incredible deception and expert conning (or not-so-expert? It’s hard to tell). But it also has valiant female victims rising up and fighting back against their aggressor. On top of it all is a healthy dose of lavish, luxurious living on pretend wealth, if that kind of thing interests you.


 The Sea Beast on Netflix


A unique animated film with giant sea monsters and swashbuckling pirates, The Sea Beast pleasantly surprises. Fantasy fans and anyone who loves pirates should check this out. It smells a little of How to Train Your Dragon and the old Sinbad Dreamworks film, which is a good thing. Its ideas aren’t as developed as some hardcore fantasy fans might wish, but it’s a kid’s animation so I give it a lot of credit for what it does accomplish. Overall, it’s a fun story with beautiful art and creature/character design that kids will love and parents should enjoy.


 The Gray Man on Netflix


Made by the legendary Russo brothers (the brother team who made Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame), this action film tries to start a new spy franchise on the tier of Bourne or Bond. While it doesn’t quite match up in terms of culture-making storytelling or legendary filmmaking, it’s a fun action film for the spy fans in your life. Visually interesting fight scenes are a plenty and Ryan Gosling, the leading man is quite charming and likeable.


Stranger Things on Netflix 


Arguably the best thing Netflix ever made, EVER, 80s-love supernatural teen-driven horror show Stranger Things continues to paint Halloween on the rest of the year with spooks and scares that can be enjoyed in any season. This summer’s Season 4 was highly anticipated, ever-hyped and long awaited. And it delivers on all fronts. The season has multiple episodes that are long enough to be full movies but still manages to keep away from boring filler episodes. The villain is terrifying, and the stakes are palpable. And many of the beloved characters continue to grow in exciting ways. Stranger Things as a show is very scary and not for young kids. But if you like horror, Halloween, the 80s, great storytelling or any combination of those things, you should be watching this show.


Sing 2 on Netflix

6. SING 2

A pleasant and heartwarming follow-up to Illumination’s Sing, this sequel adds interesting character moments, eye-popping animation, and plenty of belty pop songs. Clean and perfect for families with kids/teens of all ages, Sing 2’s beautifully animated animal characters will have you rooting for them and tapping your foot along to the music of the moment. With a legendary cast of excellent voice acting and (voice) appearances by chart-topping pop singers like Halsey, it’s a fun watch.




A highly anticipated adaptation of a VERY successful and beloved video game franchise, Uncharted is enjoyable but not excellent. Nathan Drake, the hero of the video game franchise is a wise-cracking, down-to-earth treasure hunter who jumps from planes and shoots bad guys while hanging from cliffs and ropes. Tom Holland—a somewhat surprising choice for the lead in the movie—makes the most of a script with many weaknesses. People who never played the games will likely enjoy the film more—it’s an easy-to-watch treasure hunter adventure that plays on Indiana Jones nostalgia.


Cobra Kai 


In its fourth season, the Karate Kid sequel series continues to please fans. Telling the story of grown-up versions of the two main boys from the original film (but with the antagonist of the first film as the protagonist) the show examines bullying and violence and teaches important lessons about both. The show even teaches us that violence isn’t just for the boys. Female characters try and fail to stay out of the aggression. The show is well-written and successfully pulls in characters from the films in interesting ways, something that most film-to-TV adaptations fail to do well. 

Have you seen any of these shows? Were we too easy or too hard on any of them? Let us know if we missed your favorite show!