Best TV Stands for 75 inch TV's

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In a world of movies releasing with the theater/home theater hybrid treatment and streaming giants battling for your binge, you need a big tv. Don’t try to deny it, we all know you’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while now. But what size do you need?

Why Buy A 75-Inch TV?

Here are a few reasons why the 75 incher is the way to go for your household. 75 Inch TVs are just big enough to be immersive enough that your home theater experience starts to feel more cinematic, but still small enough to be affordable for the average household. The 75 incher is simply a step up from what most people have. With those 75 inches, your living room will instantly become the go-to movie night spot for you and your friends.

Now that we’ve got you convinced, what’s next? Well, you’ll need a nice, sturdy, beautiful piece of furniture to hold up that shiny new 75 incher. Lucky for you, we’ve got rec’s on that too! Read below to see two of our best TV stands for 75 inch TVs.

Best TV Stands for 75" TVs

Modern TV stand with storage and shelving for your devices. Fits TVs of many sizes

Malibu TV Stand in Black

If you don’t need an electric fireplace built in, this piece is a great option for you, and comes in at a lower price. With a modern black finish and stark lines, this TV stand is a gorgeous addition to your living room. Prepare to answer all your friends questions about where you got it, because it really turns heads. This TV Stand also delivers fully assembled to your door, simply unbox, place, enjoy.


Modern fireplace tv stand with adjustable LED colors and heat options

Napa Fireplace TV Stand

A popular option, this piece is a beautiful centerpiece for your home. With aesthetically pleasing contour lines and a modern look, it provides a stylish base for your 75 inch TV. And it’s got a electric fireplace with heat that can be turned off for the warmer seasons. Plus, you can change the LED colors with the touch of a button. This piece creates its own ambiance. The modern design will pair well with any décor style.

 Now that you’ve got your TV stand where do you start with TVs? Allow us to help.

Best 75" TVs for 2022
 Samsung smart tv 4k hdr qled display


For an experience unlike any other, this high-end Samsung makes every movie night feel like you’re in the theater. It has all the bells and whistles—4k quantum processor, Quantum HDR 24x, motion xcelerator, and of course the gorgeous QLED screen. And it’s got a paper thin body. This TV will run you around $2k. The software on Samsung is pretty nice too, but we'd pair it with a Roku device to improve the experience.


Roku smart tv 4k voice remote TCL high quality display


At a much more affordable price of around $700, this Roku smart TV will bring most of the value of the Samsung above, but won’t melt your wallet. It comes with the standard features, a 4k display, a voice remote for ease of use, and other great features. The best part of this TV is the Roku software has some of the best Smart TV technology, it loads fast, makes it easy to subscribe, and always updated.

Let us know if you have a favorite 75 inch TV that you’d recommend to anyone! Check out our website to see other TV stands and other furniture that we sell. All of it is built in our warehouse in Arizona with care and obsession with detail.