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How To Turn Two Twins Into A King Size Mattress

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Did you know you can build a a king-size mattress with (2) Twin XL size beds? Why would you want to do this? There's a few good reasons: 1) different firmness levels 2) a larger than normal king size bed, and 3)  if you have an adjustable frame, the flexibility to change settings without disturbing your partner. Our step-by-step guide will show you the way, see below:

Step 1 - Check Your Frame Width

Before you pull the trigger, make sure your bed frame can accommodate two Twin XL mattresses. Twin XL mattresses are 38" width by 80" long, some are slightly wider, there is a small margin of +/- 1 inches where width and even height can vary. Most bed frames account for this. Once you've verified you can fit both your mattresses, it's time to find the Twin of your dreams.

Step 2 - Research Twin XL Mattresses

Two twin mattresses will make a king, but make sure you're using the Twin XL sizes, not the Twin size itself.  A king mattress is typically 76" wide by 80" long. If you end up using Two Twins and not Two Twin XLs, you'll end up 5" short of height than what you need. Sizing guide below:

Twin Mattress - 38" x 75" (WxH)
Twin XL Mattress - 38" x 80" (WxH)
King Mattress - 76" x 80" (WxH)

Step 2A - Key Points To Consider

  1. Level Mattresses
    Make sure the mattresses you purchase have a level surface, you don't want a bump. If you find the perfect mattress but it has a gap, you can purchase a bed bridge on Amazon to fix this issue. It's not a deal killer, but requires more investment to set up.

  2. Multiple Comfort Levels
    When you opt for (2) Twin XL beds, you have the luxury of getting two different firmness levels for each side. This can be great because in reality not everyone is the same. Combined with potential health-related issues, a firmer or softer bed may be a necessity. Whatever you decide, ensure you're getting the same height mattress, you don't want a ledge!

Step 3 - Relax, Sleep Great, Wake To Wellness

The most important part of this entire process is that you achieve a higher state of physical wellness by sleeping better and waking up rejuvenated. There are a plethora of different mattresses out there, we recommend going with a hybrid memory foam mattress