How To Maximize Your Small Home Office in 2022

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“I love commuting an hour to work,” said no one ever.

These days, working from home is a totally viable way to go for many Americans. Companies allowed WFH at first out of pandemic obligation. But then the numbers showed that productivity didn’t cease with the impromptu conference room meetings, it did the opposite, according to two-thirds of managers, who say their employees are more productive at home. Now they allow it permanently, for at least part of the workweek.

Fact is, the workplace is changing. With 4-day workweeks already common in many places in Europe and being tested in select companies in the US, modern workplace changes like work from home are likely here to stay. While some of us love WFH, it’s not all good. There are plenty of challenges. So how can you get the most of your tiny home office? Here are a few tips to get you started.


small desk home office modern wood aesthetic


This tip helps if you’re still in the decorating stages. As you plan the layout of your rooms and head out to buy furniture, take a moment to see where corner spaces and other odd spots could be turned into mini office areas. Try tucking a desk behind a sofa. These spaces are often unused and under utilized. Here’s a great article from Modsy to help you figure out how to put an office in your living room. 

Laptop table desk for personal computer modern black home office furniture


Many work-from-homers live in apartments or small houses and don’t have the luxury of a dedicated room to use as an office. With some couples, both people work from home at the same time. Finding space in an already crowded apartment is difficult. You’ll probably have to get creative. One solution to this problem is a sturdy laptop table like the one pictured above. These can let you turn a coffee table or an ottoman into a desk. Look for one with a height-adjustment option if you need your work surface to be taller.  

two person home office desk computer personal use work from home wireless device

If you’ve found yourself in cord clutter purgatory, fear not. There’s a way out. Amazon offers all kinds of cheap products to help you keep the cables clean and organized. Cables ties and cord sleeves are a good start. Try wireless devices like printers or Bluetooth speakers wherever you can (nowadays, wireless is hardly any more expensive). And if you’re buying furniture, make you get some with cable cutouts already installed. Our Realcozy pieces all have them! 

mobile filing cabinet black metal wheeled modern design

Make sure to get the right organizational tools, or you’re home office will stop looking like a home or an office. Filing cabinets are a great way to keep your documents from piling up on your desk. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Mobile cabinets can be tucked away under a desk or countertop and help keep things organized. You can also look for desks with built in storage (however, these will often be more expensive than barebones desks).


Let us know what your solution was to your unique problem! There isn’t any one singular right answer! Whether you’ve made do with the space you had, created more space by shuffling things around, or something else entirely, we’d love to hear about it!