Best Viewing Height or Angle For Your TV

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Watching TV has always been a popular pastime.  Not only is it a great way to relax, but it's also a great way to spend time with family and friends.  While there is no perfect way to watch your TV, here is our recommended heights and angles for TV sets.

Quick Tips

- The suggested height is when the middle of the TV screen is eye level 
- The optimal level is preference and comfort
- For the majority of the population, the optimal viewing height is 42 inches. 

The Optimal TV Viewing Height

Part of having the best experience with your TV is making sure you have the right size TV for your setup. If you're not sure, it won't hurt to overview our guide on how to select the right size TV. If you're confident your TV size is perfect, continue below.

The optimal TV viewing height is when the middle off the TV screen is eye level.  Of course, the eye level changes from person-to-person, the couch your sitting on, and if you're sitting or laying down.

The best clue we found online is that the average eye level of an U.S. adult seated in a relaxed manner is around 24 inches above the seat. The average sofa seat height is 17 inches.

Based on that information, the optimal viewing height for the average U.S. person is 42 inches (18 inches + 24 inches)

We also wanted to see how that compared to everyone in our office. After measuring all the men and women, our in-house average 26 inches. Measurements were taken with the adults stead in a relaxed manner, above the seat. The optimal viewing height for our study group is then 44 inches. 

The Optimal TV Stand Height

If you are buying a new TV stand, you can do some quick calculations to see which TV size and TV stand would be best for your eye level. We'll use the 42-inch average eye-level mentioned above:

Best Height For TVs & TV Dimensions

*Base Sizes: We've found over 5 different brands, base sizes varied from 2-3 inches, so we use a 2.5-inch calculation in our chart above. If you're hanging a TV, subtract 2.5 inches.

If you have 42-inch eye level and purchased a 26-inch tall TV Stand -- a 60 to 80 inch TV would be optimal.

Best Size TV Stand

Keep in mind, every TV brand is different, and even within the same brand, different size TVs have different base sizes and center-measurements. Find your exact model to get more accurate information. Amazon is a helpful tool and most businesses have the dimensions as a thumbnail or in product details.

If you're looking for quality TV stands for your home, we make them. Check our real wood TV stands -- they come in many different styles, sizes, and colors to fit your home.


It really boils down to personal preference and comfort. Everyone is unique and we've found if your TV is at or slightly above your eye level, you'll be perfectly fine!