Quality Promise

Realcozy is dedicated to producing quality real wood TV Stands. Our furniture is designed and handmade in Phoenix, AZ using only high quality and sustainable materials. Each piece is created by passionate craftsman with the main goal of creating something special for others to enjoy. If you are thinking about buying a Realcozy piece of furniture, here are things to consider.

Each Realcozy TV Stand is handmade, there may be slight imperfections. Wood is a natural material, it grows, adapts, and supports a wider ecosystem than just itself. Natural imperfections in no way affect the quality of the unit and are a prominent connection to the material’s history making each console unique and special. Every piece will have these perfect imperfections. Anything handmade from natural materials is susceptible to these exclusive and distinctive characteristics.

Mother Nature has done all the hard work with our skilled craftsman simply capturing it and making it functional. Mass-produced furniture, though practical and often cost-effective, contains cheap me-too materials with no character or unique features. At Realcozy, knots, natural bends, twists, and curves in the materials surface are inspected and embraced, ensuring that each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Handcrafted means this is your own unique "Realcozy", boasting the same individuality that makes you and your home truly special.